lake of fire

Synchronized seals and trumpets. 1st woe = 5th trumpet, 2nd woe = 6th trumpet, 3rd woe = seventh trumpet (and the seven bowls therein)

Synchronized seals and trumpets. The first woe corresponds to the fifth trumpet and the second woe corresponds to the sixth trumpet. The bowls are the third woe and occur during the seventh trumpet

The seven Bowls are part of the Last Trumpet

The Seven Bowls are part of the Seventh Trumpet. They are the Third Woe.

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The seven bowls are the third woe. They are part of the Seventh Trumpet. When the seventh trumpet sounds, Jesus returns to rapture the Church and resurrect sleeping believers. Once the Church has been removed from the Earth, God pours out his wrath on the pagans (unbelievers among the nations)