Reasons for believing the Seals and Trumpets are Simultaneous

The church is raptured at the last trumpet (1Cor 15:51-52)

The last trumpet is when the Mystery of God is accomplished (Rev 10:7)

The Last Trumpet is when the Kingdom of this World becomes the Kingdom of our Lord and his Messiah (Rev 11:15)

The Last Trumpet is when it is time to judge the dead and reward the prophets and those who revere God’s name (Rev 11:18)

The Last Trumpet is when God pours his wrath out on the Nations (Rev 11:18)

The last seal is also associated with these events

God’s wrath follows the sixth seal (Rev 6:17)

God’s wrath is not poured out until after the Church has been raptured (1Thes 5:9)

The Great Multitude appear in heaven when the rapture occurs (Rev 7:9-17) just before the seventh seal is mentioned

The little scroll is presented open just before the seventh trumpet (Rev 10:1-11)

The Little scroll is the same scroll that the Lamb has been opening, one seal at a time

This scroll is almost certainly a chapter of the Book of Life which contains the names of born again believers

(There is another chapter of the book of life which is opened at the end of the Millennium when it is time to judge non-believers)

It is fitting that the rapture of the Church should occur when the seventh seal on the scroll is opened

After all, creation has been waiting in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed (Rom 8:18-24)

The rapture is mentioned in several places in Revelation; Revelation is not entirely sequential

The rapture of the church, followed by God’s judgement of the nations, is also mentioned in Revelations 14:14-16:21 and Revelation 19:1-21

The rapture of the Church is followed by God’s wrath on the Nations, both of which seem to occur at the seventh seal and the seventh trumpet

Thus there is good reason for believing that the seventh Seal and the Seventh trumpet are concurrent events in heaven.

In fact the rapture appears to occur in the twinkling of an eye at the beginning of the seventh trumpet (Rev 10:7). The rapture, if it does not precede the seventh seal being opened, would also appear to occur the instant that the seventh seal is opened (Rev 8:1) and then there is silence in heaven for half an hour.

The implication is that the other trumpets (trumpets 1 to 6) precede the seventh seal (as the seventh trumpet is concurrent with the seventh seal)

Could then the other trumpets correspond to the other seals?

Coud seal 1 be coincident with trumpet 1, seal 2 coincident with trumpet 2, seal 3 – trumpet 3 and so forth?

If this were true then when Christ opens a seal, an angel sounds a trumpet.

For those who are watching, this would serve as a warning that Christ’s return is becoming more imminent.

What would it look like if the seals and the trumpets were aligned?

Are there any events that cannot go together or would clash?


The seven Bowls are part of the Last Trumpet


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