If the seventh seal coincides with the seventh trumpet, maybe the the other seals coincide with their respective trumpets


The seven Bowls are part of the Last Trumpet

The first resurrection and the rapture of the Church at the second coming of Christ occur at the Last Trumpet.  A great multitude will appear in heaven when this happens.

The great multitude appear in heaven after the sixth seal, immediately before the seventh seal is mentioned.

The seventh seal is mentioned almost in passing immediately after the great multitude appears in heaven.   When the seventh seal is opened, there is rest in heaven for “half an hour”.   Not much else is said about the seventh seal and then Revelation moves on to describe the angels with the seven trumpets.

It is quite likely that the great multitude appearing in heaven is linked to the seventh seal being opened.

The second coming of Christ, therefore, coincides with the sounding of seventh trumpet, the opening of the seventh seal as well as the rapture of the Church and the first resurrection.

If the seventh trumpet coincides with the opening of the seventh seal, then could the other trumpets  coincide with their respective seals?  ie the first trumpet coincides with the first seal, the second trumpet coincides with the second seal, third trumpet – third seal etc.

This would surely be very neat and glorious and would certainly “preach well“, but is it true?

Are there any Bible verses that would confirm or deny that this is true?

Certainly, the events of the first trumpet (hail fire and blood burning up a third of the Earths trees and grass) are not incompatible with the appearance of the Antichrist in the first seal. The events of the second trumpet (a mountain ablaze killing a third of the sea creatures and ships) could be associated with the second seal being opened – war. The events of the third trumpet (a third of the fresh waters of the Earth turned bitter) could be associated with the third seal – famine. The events of the fourth trumpet (a third of the sky is darkened) could be associated with the fourth seal being opened – death.  The events of the fifth trumpet (those with the mark of the beast are tormented for 5 months) could be associated with the fifth seal being opened – martyrs.  The events of the sixth trumpet (a third of mankind is killed by 200,000 mounted troops) could be associated with the events of the sixth seal being opened – signs in the sky.  And the events of the seventh trumpet (the rapture and the first resurrection) probably are associated with the the seventh seal being opened – the great multitude appearing in heaven.

While there do not appear to be any conflicts or major objections to the seals and trumpets being synchronous, other arrangements of the seals and the trumpets are possible.  (see below)

The seven bowls of God’s wrath are part of the seventh trumpet and would also coincide with the seventh seal.

If the seventh seal is coincident with the seventh trumpet (as both are linked to the second coming of Christ), then it is unlikely that the trumpets simply follow the seals.

If the seventh trumpet is coincident with the seventh seal, it is likely that the other trumpets precede the seventh seal.  The trumpets and the seals could, therefore, be synchronous.  ie when a seal is opened, a trumpet is sounded

When Christ opens the seventh seal, the seventh trumpet sounds, the Children of God are revealed, Christ returns to redeem the Church and resurrect dead Christians. There is rest in heaven for half an hour and then Christ returns with an army of believers to strike down the nations as the seven bowls of Gods wrath are poured out.




  • Whenever a seal is opened, an angel announces it with a trumpet.
  • This should serve as a warning to those who know what to look for.
  • Mankind has a chance to repent even after the sixth trumpet is sounded.
  • Once the seventh trumpet is sounded, it is too late to repent, the church will be raptured and the dead believers resurrected.  God will pour out his wrath on the nations who are left behind
  • God’s wrath and the judgment on the Nations follow the sixth seal.
  • The seventh trumpet brings with it God’s wrath.
  • The seven bowls are God’s wrath and are part of the seventh trumpet.

A more traditional view of the Seals Trumpets and Bowls

  • Here all the trumpets are coincident with the seventh seal and the bowls are coincident with the seventh trumpet.
  • Thus the the seventh seal, the seventh trumpet and the seventh bowl coincide with the end of the age.

Another view of the seals trumpets and bowls

  • Here the trumpets are spread out but not synchronous with the seals.
  • The seventh trumpet almost coinciding with the seventh seal.
  • The bowls are spread across the last three trumpets.

In non of the above, do the trumpets and bowls follow sequentially after the seventh seal.



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